The Light with an ORV Fan Club

  • Easy Set Up & Go

    “I like the idea of setting a number and not having to move my hands from the steering wheel. Long running battery is encouraging. Really simple to set up.”

    – JOHN R.
    Northern Michigan

  • Game Changer

    “Very happy with my Trailhand purchase! My wife and daughter were apprehensive about hand signaling, but not anymore because there is no more need to take your hands off the handlebars! Especially nice on bumpy trails and corners.”

    – STEVE C.

  • Works for Whole Fleet

    “The light is very bright and easy to set up. The mounting bracket is simple and adjustable. I have several sleds and ORVs and it works well on all of them.”

    – MIKE R.


Trailhand Signal Light Benefits

  • Hands Free

    Hands Free Use

    Trailhand identifies vehicles by LED numbers to eliminate unsafe hand signaling, allowing drivers to keep their hands on the handle bars with immediate access to the brakes.

  • Intense Illumination

    Intense Illumination

    Trailhand Signal Light offers 10 levels of light intensity to ensure visibility in all weather conditions.

  • Easy Mount

    Easy Mount

    The system is lightweight and easy to use. It’s versatile mounting bracket comes with heavy duty velcro to easily mount to any snowmobile, ATV, ORV, UTV or SxS.

  • Long Lasting

    Intense Illumination

    Fully charged, Trailhand Signal Light provides 48 hours of continuous use when set on the middle intensity level (5).


Ride Safer. Ride Smarter.

  • The Trailhand Signal light system is the perfect safety accessory for all off road vehicle (ORV) enthusiasts. Born out of the need to find a better and safer rider hand signalling system, Trailhand helps reduce the risk of trail accidents and keep riders hands where they belong – gripping the wheel.

    The origin of using hand signals to let oncoming traffic know the number of riders in your group started back in the early 1960s - 1970s, when trails were just being created and snowmobiles were much slower and smaller. The problem with the traditional method of hand signaling is that it requires you to raise your left arm to signal oncoming sleds or ATVs, leaving only one hand on the handle bars and away from the brakes. This outdated system is extremely dangerous and unreliable to use depending on trail terrain, conditions and speed. At night, hand signals are virtually useless because no one can see an unlit hand in the dark. Even with headlights on you can't always see vehicles coming due to inclement weather, hills, turns and trail conditions. Plus, many new riders are not even aware of the hand signal system, making communication on the trail problematic. Modern day snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles (ATV) are much larger, heavier, faster and more responsive. They require riders to keep both hands on the handle- bar grips at all times.

    That is why I invented the Trailhand signal light system – a programmable high-intensity LED light that shows exactly the number of riders behind you. Simply program multiple lights to the number in your group and you’re ready to go. It’s innovative numerical design takes the guesswork out of what different signal colors mean, so there is no room for error even for novices. Its lightweight, water-resistant design, features 10 brightness levels to adjust to all weather conditions.

    Safety was my number one motivation behind the development of this product. You don’t text while driving a motor vehicle on the road. Let’s stop communicating with our fingers off road as well!

    Ride Safer. Ride Smarter.
    – Brian Fadden

Trailhand Mount

Do you have multiple vehicles? You can buy additional mounts and transfer your Trailhand Signal Light between them all!

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